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Did you know these interesting facts about Istanbul?

Let us know some facts about Istanbul and that may not Tarafoha before.

Whenever we talked about the wonderful city of Istanbul we formed our image blending between the present and ancient culture that has evolved in our minds. This country is one of the best countries in the field of architectural heritage worldwide. Besides property in Turkey, it opens its doors to visitors a year where there is made up diverse cultures.

Istanbul features a range of features including:

 - Istanbul is situated on two continents-Europe, Asia, and this feature makes it the only city between the two continents in the world. This is very amazing.

- Istanbul accommodate one of the largest urban masses in Europe any 13.9 million.

- In the past few years, Istanbul known as a huge growth in the real estate, Istanbul. According to data from the Global Property Guide, where the city has seen the highest increase in new housing prices was built with 15.33% in the past year to July 2016.

- About 3,000 mosque, this city is home to most of the mosques in Turkey.

- The history of the city of Istanbul on the thousands of years that have passed through the three great empires -romanah, Byzantine, and Ottoman.

- Istanbul is the fastest growing tourist destination in the world. Every year millions of visitors visiting the country and the number is increasing. It is expected that in the coming years, the city exceeded even the New York and Amsterdam.


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