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How Incentives Helps Organizations Create High Performance Culture

Setting up a high performance culture helps organization confront market challenges and ensure sustainable growth. This is the key responsibility of a manager to set expectations, motivate staff, define responsibilities, and create a collaborative work environment for the organization. However, creating a high performance culture in a favorable manner needs a full support and equal contribution throughout the organization.

Many organizations consider things like employee empowerment, customer-centric strategy, effective communication, training & development, and cash incentives as the motivation to encourage their employees to deliver their best.

Cash incentives without a doubt are one of the top motivation factors that encourage employees to work effortlessly and efficiently for a high performance culture. However, there is no shortage of organizations that are under the impression and not sure whether cash incentives boost the performance of workforce.

To establish a high performance culture, two types of motivation works – intrinsic and extrinsic. Research shows that for complex tasks, intrinsic motivation leads to higher performance. Also, it depends on the mindset of employees, if they find their job enjoyable and interesting, they will work harder and with greater focus. Bonuses or Cash rewards are the forms of extrinsic motivation. Read more


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