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Are You Worried About Employee Engagement? Read This

Motivated employees are the pillars of any organization. Their success at workplace directly affects the performance of the overall business. How to increase the participation of the employees so that they are achieving the goals set for them is a perpetual quest for the young managers and the human resources department as well.

Productivity loss is a major concern for the business owners as well, as it may result in financial losses later on.  They already have to deal with competition and ensure that additional costs can remain within their yearly budget. By now you may be wondering about the ways to increase employee participation. An employee engagement survey conducted anonymously can certainly give you deeper insights about their feelings for the organization and its leaders. There are many other ways to do it, just glance through 4 Questions To Improve Employee Engagement and gain some useful insights.

Why Should You Buying A Home In Real Estate Turkey?

Be it a warm weather or a fine setting; Turkey has become a favorite destination purchase a home among foreign home buyers. The reason may vary from person to person like a comforting place for retirement or a holiday rental or to enjoy a quality lifestyle.
Let us get to know why you should consider buying a home in Turkey.

Value for money

After the cost of property itself, you have to consider lawyer cost, stamp duty, survey fees and all these make a property expensive. However, when it comes to real estate in Turkey, you really get value for money. To own a beautiful luxury apartment or villa here, you don’t need to break a bank. They can be said inexpensive when compared to other European destinations.

Pleasant climate

Love sunny days? Then Turkey is perfect for you that boasts of enjoying 300 sunny days a year. It means no need to take vitamin D supplements or worry about seasonal disorder. The Turkish Riviera observes one of the most beautiful climates all year round, and it is one of the main reasons why so many people are moving to this place. So, move to Turkey and keep enjoying sun and warmth.

Cost of living

No matter in which part of Turkey are you residing, you can always avail a better living in cheaper costs. Electricity, gas, council tax, maintenance, food, drink, groceries, transport are all much cheaper than any other European countries. So, you can not only purchase an affordable real estate in Turkey but also experience a reasonable priced elegant living.

Suits to all budgets

The real estate in Turkey has options for all types of budgets. The choices for houses here range from one bedroom apartment to luxurious 5-6 bedroom seaside villas. Décor can be simple to extravagant. Even the grandest homes here come in extremely affordable budget.


Transport in Turkey is cheap and reliable. All the major cities of Turkey are accessible to national and international cities around the world. Trains run regularly between all the major cities like Antalya, Ankara, Istanbul and so on. Major towns are connected with bus networks and taxis. Air travel is inexpensive here.
What else do you need to buy a home in this beautiful destination?

شراء العقارات في تركيا يستحق. لماذا ا؟

عند بحثك عن الاماكن التي يمكنك زيارتها خلال وجودك بتركيا سوف تجد الكل يرشدك 
و يحدثك عن جمال مدينة انطاليا و روعتها لقضاء عطلتك في تركيا .تتميز بموقعها الدي يطل على السواحل و الجبال في نفس الوقت .انها واحدة من الاماكن الاكثر اثارة و جدبا 
في تركيا .

هناك مجموعة من الاماكن التاريخية التي يمكنك زيارتها بانطاليا ندكر منها بوابة هادريان  و تعرف ايضا باسم هادريانوس او الثلاث بوابات . شكل البوابة عبارة عن قوس النصر حيث انشات سنة ١٣٠ م. حيث سميت باسم الامبراطور الروماني الدي زار انطاليا في دلك الوقت .تعتبر هده البوابة الاكثر جادبية حيث لها ثلاث فتحات على شكل 

قبة , و قد تم بناؤها باستخدام الرخام الابيض .
في عهد الامبراطورية الرومانية المدينة كان يحدها اسوار في مدخلها .  لهدا السبب لم تهمل الابولب لسنوات عديدة . حيث تعددت القصص حول هده البوابة حيث لا يعرف الكثير من الناس القصة الرئيسية .  تم ايضا في نفس العهد و مع البوابة ابراج مثالا على دلك البرج الجنوبي المسمى بجوليا حيث يعتبر هو ايضا من الاعمال الفنية من عهد هادريان . البرج المالي يعود الى العصور القديمة و الاخر العلوي هو تدكير بالعهود السلاجقة .

شراء شقة

بغض النظر عن المناضر و الاماكن السياحية التي تتميز بها مدينة انطاليا هناك الاقبال الممتلكات للبيع في تركيا شراء قبل العديد من الناس بهدف الاستقرار فيها او لزيارتها بشكل منتظم .و هدا يرجع الى فيبي المكان الاكثر من رائع و المثالي لقضاءعطلة افضل .