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Did you know these interesting facts about Istanbul?

Let us know some facts about Istanbul and that may not Tarafoha before.

Whenever we talked about the wonderful city of Istanbul we formed our image blending between the present and ancient culture that has evolved in our minds. This country is one of the best countries in the field of architectural heritage worldwide. Besides property in Turkey, it opens its doors to visitors a year where there is made up diverse cultures.

Istanbul features a range of features including:

 - Istanbul is situated on two continents-Europe, Asia, and this feature makes it the only city between the two continents in the world. This is very amazing.

- Istanbul accommodate one of the largest urban masses in Europe any 13.9 million.

- In the past few years, Istanbul known as a huge growth in the real estate, Istanbul. According to data from the Global Property Guide, where the city has seen the highest increase in new housing prices was built with 15.33% in the past year to July 2016.

- About 3,000 mosque, this city is home to most of the mosques in Turkey.

- The history of the city of Istanbul on the thousands of years that have passed through the three great empires -romanah, Byzantine, and Ottoman.

- Istanbul is the fastest growing tourist destination in the world. Every year millions of visitors visiting the country and the number is increasing. It is expected that in the coming years, the city exceeded even the New York and Amsterdam.

Five Things About Leadership Development Courses

Leadership development needs to be on the priority list for all business organizations. It is a way for them to thrive and sustain accomplishments. Leaders should train managers in the practices of proficient leadership. Effective leaders can motivate the rank and file to work well. A good work ethos can help employees achieve company targets quickly. It also improves the quality of output in the workplace.

Making Competent Leaders

Leadership development courses help create competent leaders who display zeal to inspire subordinates. Productivity goes up, and overall work performance progresses consistently. Passionate supervisors are able to lead employees in pursuing goals. Motivation can be the most valuable benefit of effective leadership. It inspires everybody to work enthusiastically to achieve common targets.
Leadership development courses profit both managers and employees. The leaders who have proper direction and competence allow positive characteristics to be passed through to the rank and file. This produces more impetus for the achievement of goals and engenders better administrative efficacy. Sustained leadership training teaches managers who can turn out satisfied followers.

Sense of Responsibility

Leadership development courses also enable the accountability required of a corporate entity. In turn, this sense of responsibility supports a practical path to transformation. Such programs assess the leader's potent skills and weak points. Particular modules point managers to specific areas for improvement. They highlight the need to make the most of the strong points and work on possible limitations. An action plan is the concluding output of leadership training. It runs over a gradual but systematized procedure that everyone can follow.

Developing a Clear Vision

Leadership programs help administrators develop a clear vision. This vision is required to produce a viable mission statement, objectives and an action plan. The mission statement is the corporate bible. It is the company's reason for prevailing and operating the business. Objectives are the methods that allow the company to carry out and achieve this mission statement. The plan of action comprises specific steps that will be exploited to realize each purpose.

Seminars and Workshops

Development seminars and workshops teach leaders about valued tools that boost and advance leadership flair. Some of these tools consist of printed reading materials, web-based resources, forums and networking groups, databases, and step-by-step measures — tools that management can regularly make use of. Expansion programs produce leaders who can pass on the know-how and experience to all members of the business. As a result, top management and human resources departments must make this initiative a regular activity.

Choosing the Right Option

There are loads of options when it comes to deciding on the right leadership development courses. However, make sure the leadership program you choose will empower you to distinguish your capacity to lead in all facets of your life. Find a course that is designed to uncover, extend and build on your natural strengths as a frontrunner. Leadership development courses are powerful, and experiential leadership training is guaranteed to help you recognize and break through self-perceived restrictions and put you on the path to a deeper and richer expression of yourself as a leader.

Innovative leadership development training helps you connect with the core of your unique leadership style and journey. It helps you identify and embrace your deepest strengths and learn how to bring that realistic power of self-expression into all the aspects of your life. Perform thorough research online and offline to find the best leadership development course to take your career to the next level.

Things You Should Not Miss While You Are In Istanbul

Istanbul, the capital city of Turkey, is famous for its tourist attractions and real estate sector. Let us get to know some not-to-be-missed things while you are here.
Due to its ideal geographical location, Istanbul has been a favorite settlement area from ancient times. From centuries the country has been accommodating different cultures, religions, and races. This is the reason behind the rapid development of the tourism sector and real sector in this country. With fine finished architecture, home buyers have a range of villas, houses, and apartments for sale in Istanbul
Following are some top things:

Turkish baths

Turkish baths are an inseparable part of Turkish culture from hundreds of years. In Istanbul, there exist even 250 years old Hamams. Don’t mistake these baths for just a few minutes shower, but it is a tradition that deeply cleanses as well as relaxes the body. It is an elaborate process of cleaning and massaging in a luxurious & elegant setting.

Property tour

In past few years, the real estate sector in Turkey has developed by leaps and bounds. So, even you don’t intend to purchase any, you should spare a few hours for property tours. The houses, villas, sea facing apartments and flat in Istanbul for sale are fine examples of stunning architecture.

A cruise tour

A cruise tour is never to be missed things if you are in Istanbul. If you have limited time, you can take a short trip to Uskudar or Kadikoy. Boarding a ship to Eminonu will take around 6 hours, and you can enjoy stunning views of Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace, and Blue Mosque. Along the Bosporus River, you can feast your eyes on amazing views of grand villas, marble palaces, stone fortress and so on.

Feast on local dishes

When it comes to taste local dishes of Istanbul, you will be left spoilt for choices. There is a long list to devour like seafood, fresh fishes, vegetable based traditional dishes, kebabs, appetizers, and drinks. Don’t miss their Raki which is a traditional Turkish alcoholic drink. Kebab is a tradition here, so you will get some of the best versions of this dish. Try Doner kebab for an authentic taste. Desserts like baklava and semolina halva are delectable things to must have. Try Turkish coffee and tea.
The list is too long. However these are a few things you never miss besides property in Istanbul.

Get to Know: Importance of Sewage Treatment Plant in Modern Time

As the world is continuing with gathering huge volumes of wastewater either into the rivers, sewages, and roads and gutters the impact is getting severe day by day.  For this, there has been the development of sewage treatment plant that helps in getting all wiped and clearance. What in the importance of these plants in today’s time or say in the modern era. Let us read in this blog.
We, the humans have a common problem of dumping garbage in rivers, roads, gutters and at any place that is found unused. Dumping garbage is very easy, but what are the ill effects, that we do not understand.

The fact is that the impact is severe, really severe like global warming, dangerous environment, and generation of diseases, health issues and a lot more. There is becoming massive damage to marine life, and people are supplied with contaminated water.


Waste water is the term that is used for the water bodies that get contaminated because of dumped garbage and such water remains of no use. To put it at simple means, waste water is a form of water that is contaminated by the commercial or domestic process. This includes all types of by-products of daily use, industrial use, home garbage and environmental waste. This formation of sewage is the biggest problem across the world whether a place is under-developed, developing or developed. All such places are facing of deposition of garbage at a high level.

For all this, technology has blessed with super innovation which is known to be sewage treatment plant. What is it and what is the importance as well? Let’s know while reading ahead.

Wastewater Treatment is Necessary

As we all know that today, all garbage dumping is required and for this sewage treatment plant has been in work for removing all the mess. These machines treat the water that goes into the river. So, before discharging the gutter water, it is firstly cleaned with the removal of garbage and then it is made to get the mix in rivers.

As we know that water is the lifeline of life, not only ours but also of animals, birds, and plants as well. The Greeley sewage treatment plant works in multiple ways in treating wastewater with various processes in which the water is cleaned in every way. The cleaning process is so high that the water is checked several times before it gets dumped into rivers and oceans.

Importance of Sewage Treatment Plant

There are now many companies that work for treating waste water and initiates having sewage treatment plant. This works regarding transparency which affects the environment in positive ways. Different countries all over the world are also undertaking in bringing sewage treatment plant for cleaning the entire sewage water into clean and environmental friendly. The machine sucks the level of oils, muds, plastics and a water material.

Four Best Places In Turkey For A Permanent Living

Turkey is a preferred country by families, be it holiday making or permanent living. Let us get to know five places in Turkey that are famous for offering quality life.
Due to spectacular tourist attractions and range of properties for sale in Turkey is one of the most sought destinations in the world among couples, foreign home buyers as well as families. Ideally located on the crossroads of Europe, Asia and entire Middle East, this diverse country has everything for a quality life.
Let us get to know the most popular cities of the country which are perfect for the families for permanent living.


Istanbul, the largest city of Europe is a connecting link between Asia and Europe. It is a melting pot of cultures where you will find art, food, religion and ancient rich culture. There are beaches, mountains, skyscrapers, shopping malls, fine dining places in the city which can be easily accessed from anywhere in the world. Transportation is well developed and there are a range of housing options available catering to diverse needs and budgets.


Famous for its beautiful beaches, warm sands and beauty of mother nature, Antalya receives millions footfalls every year. Pleasing climate and availability of property for sale make the place one of the most preferred cities regarding real estate sector of Turkey. By far this province is considered the fastest growing area in Turkey.


Alanya is a charming Turkish city located in the southernmost spots of the country. The city takes credit for being reason behind 10% of Turkish tourism and 30% of total foreign property purchase in Turkey. Due to its ideal location and great beauty, the place has been a hotspot for Greeks, Romans, Ottomans for thousands of years.


Although Bodrum is a bit expensive that average, it offers classy entertainment in the country. You will find good music and some of the best sailing routes here. Bodrum is remarkable for its rich diverse culture. For relishing food, strolling on beach and enjoying all modern facilities, the city is perfect for you. It is considered as the most preferred choice for holiday makers. However, due to a range of housing options and fast growing real estate sector, Bodrum offers plenty of property options for sale in Turkey.
These are the four cities which are prime targets for real estate purchase in Turkey

What Exactly Is Customs Brokerage?

Customs has conventionally been responsible for executing a broad range of border management strategies, often on behalf of other government agencies. For ages, the customs role has been one of 'gatekeeper,' with customs authorities in place of a barrier through which global trade should pass, to protect the welfares of the nation. The quintessence of this role is replicated in the traditional customs symbol, the portcullis that is a symbolic representation of a country's ports. Such a role is every so often manifested by supervisory intervention in business transactions simply for the sake of response.

Imposts have the ability to do so, and no one is keen to question that authority. The character of Customs has, on the other hand, changed considerably in recent times, and what might represent core business for one management may fall outside the compass of responsibility of another. This is reflective of the changing environment in which customs establishments operate, and the conforming changes in government primaries. In this day and age, nevertheless, social expectations no longer accept the idea of intervention for intervention's sake. Rather, the present catch-cry is 'intervention by exception,' that is, interference when there is a legitimate have to do so; response grounded on identified risk.

Changing Expectations of the Global Trading Community
The changing expectations of the global trading community are centered on the economic realism of its operating setting. It is looking for the simplest, fastest, cheapest and most dependable way of getting goods into and out of the nation. It seeks inevitability, clarity, flexibility, and timeliness in its transactions with government. Driven by business imperatives, it is also eyeing for the most cost- effective techniques of doing business.

This is why trade simplification agenda is gaining increasing impetus, according to World Customs Organization (WCO) Revised International Convention on the simplification as well as harmonization of customs procedures, and is intended to maintain the significance of customs brokerage at a time when technical developments is transforming the world of international trade by:

Eliminating divergence amid the customs procedures and practices of constricting parties that can hamper global trade and other worldwide exchanges
Meeting the requirements of both international trade and customs establishments for facilitation, simplification, and coordination of customs measures and practices
Ensuring appropriate principles of customs control allowing customs authorities to respond to fundamental changes in commercial and administrative approaches and techniques
Ensuring that the core philosophies for simplification and harmonization are made compulsory on contracting parties
Providing customs authorities with well-organized procedures, supported by suitable and efficient control methods

الحصول على مشورة الخبراء في البحث عن شقة احلامك في اسطنبول

بسبب الازدهار الذي عرفه قطاع العقار في الآونة الأخيرة في  اسطنبول، حيث تستقطب  أعدادا كبيرة من  الزبناء الوافدين كل عام. هناك العديد من العوامل التي تدفع المشترين  في الخارج للبحث  منزل احلامهم هنا، مثل ارتفاع مستوى المعيشة، والهندسة المعمارية المذهلة والمناخ الهادئ ومجموعة من المنازل التي توفرها العقارات في اسطنبول من حيث الجودة و الثمن . إذا كنت تبحث عن شقق جيدة و منيزة في هذه المدينة، إليك مجموعة من  النصائح  التي سوف تساعدك في اختيار بيت أحلامك .

أولا الخيارات المتاحة لمشتري المنازل القادمون من خارج البلاد لاستئجار العقارات في اسطنبول
اسطنبول ذات الكثافة السكانية العالية هي مكان يجمع بين دنيا الأعمال و عالم الترفيه عن النفس.  لذا عليك تحديد ايا منهما ليكون الخيار الأكثر وضوحا عن أماكن السكن في اسطنبول لاستئجار شقة. خيارات أخرى هي بيت الفخم والفيلات. لذلك، قبل البدء في البحث عن استئجار العقاراتالتركية، تأكد ما هي احتياجاتك.

ثانيا مواقع بارزة من اسطنبول حيث يقيم الأجانب
على الرغم من أن اختيار موقع يعتمد إلى حد كبير على الميزانية، ومكان العمل وذوق المشتري. هناك نوعان من المناطق البارزة في اسطنبول - بيوغلو وساريير اللتان تتميز ان بالمدارس الأجنبية وبالمستشفيات حيث ان الاجانب هناك مقيمين في وفرة.

ثالثا الوثائق اللازمة لاستئجار العقارات في اسطنبول
ان ذلك يعتمد على متطلبات المالك أو وكيل عقارات. ومع ذلك يجب أن يتوفر لديك الوثائق الاتية جواز السفر، وحسن النية من المدرسة، الكلية، شركة أو مكان العمل في اسطنبول وإثبات دخل بعض الوثائق القياسية التي ستكون بد الحاجة.

 رابعا خيارات الشقق المفروشة
هناك الكثير من المشاريع السكنية المفروشة المتاحة في اسطنبول. إذا كنت تبحث عن واحدة مفروشة، تأكد من أن يذكرها لكم وكيل عقارات.

و أخيرا المرافق المقدمة مع السكن
تدرج عادة المرافق في تكاليف الإيجار. ومع ذلك، من أجل خيارات تأجير طويل الأجل، قد يكون من المتوقع أن تدفع رسوم فائدة من تلقاء نفسها من طرف المستأجرين. تأكد عبر مناقشة هذه النقطة قبل اتخاذ أي عقد الإيجار. أيضا يجب عليكم  التاكد إذا هو مذكور في العقد أم لا.

How Incentives Helps Organizations Create High Performance Culture

Setting up a high performance culture helps organization confront market challenges and ensure sustainable growth. This is the key responsibility of a manager to set expectations, motivate staff, define responsibilities, and create a collaborative work environment for the organization. However, creating a high performance culture in a favorable manner needs a full support and equal contribution throughout the organization.

Many organizations consider things like employee empowerment, customer-centric strategy, effective communication, training & development, and cash incentives as the motivation to encourage their employees to deliver their best.

Cash incentives without a doubt are one of the top motivation factors that encourage employees to work effortlessly and efficiently for a high performance culture. However, there is no shortage of organizations that are under the impression and not sure whether cash incentives boost the performance of workforce.

To establish a high performance culture, two types of motivation works – intrinsic and extrinsic. Research shows that for complex tasks, intrinsic motivation leads to higher performance. Also, it depends on the mindset of employees, if they find their job enjoyable and interesting, they will work harder and with greater focus. Bonuses or Cash rewards are the forms of extrinsic motivation. Read more

7 Crucial Features to Look While Choosing a Webhosting for Your Gaming Website

Needless to mention that gaming industry is a big fish. Take a glance at the following striking information. (Source: newzoo)
  •     In 2016, gamers worldwide generate total revenue of $99.6 billion, up 8.5 percent compared to 2015. Further, mobile takes a larger share of $36.9 billion, up 21.3 percent globally. 
  •     By 2019, the global market is expected to grow at a CAGR of +6.6 percent and will reach $118.6 billion with mobile gaming at $52.5 billion.

No wonder why gaming sites today look for web hosting for Gamers to take the experience of online gaming to the next level.
If you are planning to host a new game website, then you are at the right place. This post explains the features you should look while choosing web hosting for your website. Read on!

Amount of Storage

Storage is one of the top concerns because it is a space you get to store your site’s data. So, choose a hosting company that offers adequate space for storage at affordable prices. Go for the company that offers a free or trial package that you can try to analyze your actual requirements. Further, also see whether they provide database support.

Amount of Bandwidth

Bandwidth is the amount of data that your host allows you and your site’s visitors upload and download in a given month. Storage and bandwidth always go hand in hand. Therefore, choose a suitable plan that offers ample bandwidth. For this, you can try free or trial package to figure out your requirements. Various hosting companies in its free plan offer 10 gigabit of bandwidth. So, choose that best suits.

Number of Email Addresses

Another thing that online gaming sites prefer to look in a web hosting for gamers is the number of the email account for the website. Check whether they have a webmail interface and also see the possibility of getting your mail in your clients of choice through IMAP or whether they offer only POP.

Security and Protection

Security is a top concern for websites. Check whether your hosting provider offers easy integration of SSL certificate. Another security aspect is to see whether you get DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) protection. Today, almost every web hosting provider turns off your site for 24 hours if your site is a victim of DDoS attack. Therefore, choose one that successfully deflects hundreds of DDoS attack without impacting servers. This security mechanism ensures great protection for your gaming website.

Website Builder

One of the most crucial features that an online gaming site may look for web hosting for gamers is easy website builder. In this fast-paced world, no one has enough time to get into the hassle of website implementation. People prefer to choose a hosting company that lets them create a website by simple drag and drop feature.  Therefore, go for the web or free mumble hosting company that offers this feature to make development easier.

Tech Support and Up-time

Online gaming is all about providing better user experience and a downtime of even a second may ruin your reputation. So, tech support is crucial. Before you choose web hosting for gamers, make sure your hosting provider gives 24X7X365 active multi-channel support to ensure the proper smooth running of your website. Further, go for the company that offers 99.9 percent up-time.

Mobile Phone Support

We all know that mobile is the future. So, if you ignore it, you will not be able to attract gamers on your website. Go for the company whose server work perfectly with mobile devices.
·         Allows easy access to your mobile site and load it within milliseconds on mobile devices.
·         Gives IMAP support to allow receiving emails on mobile phones instantly.
·         Allows easy website editing through your Smartphone.
·         Gives a responsive control panel.

Closing Point

Go for the features explained to remain competitive and ensure the smooth running of your gaming site.