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Four Best Places In Turkey For A Permanent Living

Turkey is a preferred country by families, be it holiday making or permanent living. Let us get to know five places in Turkey that are famous for offering quality life.
Due to spectacular tourist attractions and range of properties for sale in Turkey is one of the most sought destinations in the world among couples, foreign home buyers as well as families. Ideally located on the crossroads of Europe, Asia and entire Middle East, this diverse country has everything for a quality life.
Let us get to know the most popular cities of the country which are perfect for the families for permanent living.


Istanbul, the largest city of Europe is a connecting link between Asia and Europe. It is a melting pot of cultures where you will find art, food, religion and ancient rich culture. There are beaches, mountains, skyscrapers, shopping malls, fine dining places in the city which can be easily accessed from anywhere in the world. Transportation is well developed and there are a range of housing options available catering to diverse needs and budgets.


Famous for its beautiful beaches, warm sands and beauty of mother nature, Antalya receives millions footfalls every year. Pleasing climate and availability of property for sale make the place one of the most preferred cities regarding real estate sector of Turkey. By far this province is considered the fastest growing area in Turkey.


Alanya is a charming Turkish city located in the southernmost spots of the country. The city takes credit for being reason behind 10% of Turkish tourism and 30% of total foreign property purchase in Turkey. Due to its ideal location and great beauty, the place has been a hotspot for Greeks, Romans, Ottomans for thousands of years.


Although Bodrum is a bit expensive that average, it offers classy entertainment in the country. You will find good music and some of the best sailing routes here. Bodrum is remarkable for its rich diverse culture. For relishing food, strolling on beach and enjoying all modern facilities, the city is perfect for you. It is considered as the most preferred choice for holiday makers. However, due to a range of housing options and fast growing real estate sector, Bodrum offers plenty of property options for sale in Turkey.
These are the four cities which are prime targets for real estate purchase in Turkey


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