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Things You Should Not Miss While You Are In Istanbul

Istanbul, the capital city of Turkey, is famous for its tourist attractions and real estate sector. Let us get to know some not-to-be-missed things while you are here.
Due to its ideal geographical location, Istanbul has been a favorite settlement area from ancient times. From centuries the country has been accommodating different cultures, religions, and races. This is the reason behind the rapid development of the tourism sector and real sector in this country. With fine finished architecture, home buyers have a range of villas, houses, and apartments for sale in Istanbul
Following are some top things:

Turkish baths

Turkish baths are an inseparable part of Turkish culture from hundreds of years. In Istanbul, there exist even 250 years old Hamams. Don’t mistake these baths for just a few minutes shower, but it is a tradition that deeply cleanses as well as relaxes the body. It is an elaborate process of cleaning and massaging in a luxurious & elegant setting.

Property tour

In past few years, the real estate sector in Turkey has developed by leaps and bounds. So, even you don’t intend to purchase any, you should spare a few hours for property tours. The houses, villas, sea facing apartments and flat in Istanbul for sale are fine examples of stunning architecture.

A cruise tour

A cruise tour is never to be missed things if you are in Istanbul. If you have limited time, you can take a short trip to Uskudar or Kadikoy. Boarding a ship to Eminonu will take around 6 hours, and you can enjoy stunning views of Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace, and Blue Mosque. Along the Bosporus River, you can feast your eyes on amazing views of grand villas, marble palaces, stone fortress and so on.

Feast on local dishes

When it comes to taste local dishes of Istanbul, you will be left spoilt for choices. There is a long list to devour like seafood, fresh fishes, vegetable based traditional dishes, kebabs, appetizers, and drinks. Don’t miss their Raki which is a traditional Turkish alcoholic drink. Kebab is a tradition here, so you will get some of the best versions of this dish. Try Doner kebab for an authentic taste. Desserts like baklava and semolina halva are delectable things to must have. Try Turkish coffee and tea.
The list is too long. However these are a few things you never miss besides property in Istanbul.


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