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The Basics of Mobile Web Development

Build A Mobile Website
The number of tablets, smart phones and internet mobiles has been rising at a stupendous rate in the recent past. Along with the growth in their market follows the growth of the mobile web development trends. The mobile websites have become one of the main tools for the companies to project themselves amongst the masses. It has become an absolute necessity for the major businesses if not all.

Most of the tools that were required to build websites for the PCs and laptops are also required for building mobile websites. However, there are some key issues that come up once the mobile web development begins. These variations are the following:

1. Navigation: The screen of a mobile phone is many times smaller than a PC or a laptop. The navigation on a mobile screen is a challenging thing for a beginner and it is left only to the mobile web developer that he or she makes it possible that the user is able to access all the links and information on the website with ease. The pages on the mobile website need to be short and simple. Too many graphics and flash objects should be avoided. One should also have the experience of mobile browsing as the actions on a desktop website and mobile website vary a lot due to limited number of choices available on the mobile phone.

2. The mobile website should have simple, straightforward and easy functionality. The functions should be easy to understand and execute and the users should be able to understand the use of each of the links and functions with ease.

3. Branding: Mobile websites might be small in appearance but their importance should not be underestimated in any way. They need to carry the logo, contact information, maps and contact and feedback forms just like the traditional websites. The mobile applications should be designed and oriented for the use of the people who like to browse through the information and finish the work quickly. No hanging around uselessly is the order.

4. Least Clicks: One should be able to lead to the required information with the least number of possible links. Too deep interlinking of the pages should be avoided. Simple branching is the best option. Less relevant pages should be avoided. Most of the links should be available on the home page itself and the total number of links should not be greater than 10 in any case. Try to think from the user’s point of view.


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