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Advantages of Mobile Marketing

There was a time, when telemarketing calls were received with hang ups or irritated customer. Since the advent of mobile phone, the world of telecommunication has witnessed a vast transformation in the field of communication. Today, mobile phone is no longer a luxury it has become an integral part of our daily life. Mobile phone has changed the days of time consuming long distance calls. Apart from voice call, mobile has an extra benefit of messaging. Chat message or SMS have made communication more convenient. If you are busy and can’t receive calls, a chat message can reach you without disturbing your engagement. Chat messages are instant message that is sent and received within minutes. Mobile has brought convenience way of connection through telecommunication.  Mobile has become an effective tool of marketing. An efficient marketing strategy is pivotal to generate awareness about the product or the brand. The most challenging task of a marketing initiative is to increase customer outreach.

Mobile marketing has become one of the most effective tools to create awareness and customer outreach. Since, mobile has become a necessary item of our daily life. Everybody carry their mobile phone with them. Instead of calling the customer, marketers use an innovative method to reach customer. Recently, marketing messages have become extremely popular and effective way of reaching the potential customer. Calling a customer may not be effective every time, incase the purpose of call is to generate or give information to the customer about a new product or brand. A chat message is more convenient because customers can disconnect a call from unknown number, but chances of reading a SMS much higher. Almost six million people own a mobile phone in the world. The potential to reach the desired customer group is far successful in a chat message then individually calling a customer. Also, calling a mobile phone is expensive whereas, instant messaging is much cheaper.

Mobile marketing proved to be far more successful than any other marketing initiative. Marketing messages are convenient to both marketers and customers. Also, through GPS and other tracking devices, marketers can locate the desired location or can analyze the responses of the customer according to the location. This helps them to understand the demographics of the location from which they received favorable response. Accordingly they can strategize there marketing initiative that will suit the customers of particular geographic location. Mobile marketing has changed the face of marketing. Chat message or voice calls helps to identify and target the desired customer and help generate product awareness and customer recall more effectively.


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