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Solar Energy Installation without Solar Energy Installers

Solar energy is a renewable energy source which is clean and green. It helps people to reduce their carbon footprint as they can put off use polluting fossil fuels like coal and oil. Also, solar energy is very cheap after installation compared to power from utility companies.
Solar Energy Installers
 But the best feature among the lot is that it makes the person self-sufficient. The person will not require depending on the grid for power supply and also be sure of no power outages.

Solar energy installations can be done by experts known as the solar energy installers but this would just end up hiking the installation costs which is already too much. One can install solar energy with the right guidance and assistance from any reasonable handyman, friends or relatives.

Moreover there is a lot of contents over the internet which the person can make use of during the solar energy installation. Some of the solar energy installation procedure is laid below which can assist in installing this awesome renewable resource.

The solar panels are usually set up or mounted on the roofs of the building, apartments, etc. Also, they could be set-up on a stand-alone rack if the former is not possible.

The panels should be set up in a straight line with a gap of at least forty eight inches between the mounts.
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If the roofing is made of plywood sheath, the panels must not be directly attached to the plywood sheathing.

The location of the panels should be such that the solar panels are able to absorb maximum sunshine.  This is utmost important because the solar panels tend to lose efficiency even in semi shaded regions.

The direction of placing the panels is also an important fact in the installation process. According to scientific researches south is the best direction followed by east or west. But if the panels face east or west they would not be operating at their optimum capacity and hence will be inefficient. An indirect outcome would be an increase in the installation costs as more number of panels would be needed.

Necessary building permits from the local building or zonal departments should be obtained before carrying out the installation.

The panels should be tilted to the latitude such that it has maximum sun exposure. The information regarding the latitudes and tilt can be obtained from the internet easily.

Preassembling and grouping of solar panels before placing it on the roof can make the task simpler.


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