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Need Of Employee Retention – All You Should Know

Lucrative hikes, better work culture comfortable work hours, and promising growth can tempt any employee to move to other organizations. In the current scenario, employee retention is a major concern for the organizations and companies. It is where employee retention strategies and training are being used by the management to make employees continue the same organization for a longer period. Let us explore the need and utility behind retaining the talented minds for any organization.

Hiring is a lengthy process
Hiring an efficient employee from a large pool of talented minds is not an easy task. The process includes several steps from shortlisting the candidates by HR professionals, conducting several stages of interviews to ultimately furthering it to respective managers to evaluate. It doesn’t matter whether the right candidate is being processed for the recruitment or not, hiring is a time-consuming process.

Investment of time and money
A new joiner's talent remains raw until and unless it gets introduced to the corporate culture. The management work quite diligently to train him/her for overall development. If an employee suddenly leaves the organization, all effort and time go waste.

Better understanding of company’s policies
The employees working for longer periods in an organization are more acquainted to its policies and guidelines. They understand the work culture of the organization in a better way and thus remain in a position to contribute efficiently. In this way, they give improved performance than the individuals who keep changing their jobs frequently.

Adjustment process takes time
An employee need time to perfectly fit in his/her role, understand his/her team members and become friendly with them. After all, she/he is a human, not a robot. When a new individual is introduced in an organization, adjustment problem shoots up. It really takes time for him/her to build up a comfort level and adjust with others.

Construct a trust
It is a common thing that employees who stay in an organization for a longer span become loyal towards the management and the organization and vice versa.

There is a wide difference between an employee and a valuable employee. The management must understand this and make useful efforts to reassure the employees to stay in the current organization. It can be done effectively with the help of employee retention strategies and training.


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