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ECHO Pros, Cons and 101


With a wide range of items available it is always easy to find a combination of products to fit almost every desire.

The ECHO offers both cartomizers and clearomizers with massive capacity tanks. In addition it also offers its users the option to use other non-ECHO products if desired by offering an ego thread on all batteries. This means if an individual consumer would prefer a rebuildable tank than as long as they purchase a rebuildable tank with ego threading then they are more than welcome to do so. The Vivi Nova rebuildable tank is popular amongst ECHO users.

To add to the pros of owning an ECHO electronic cigarette you can also choose from either a set voltage battery to a variable voltage battery. So if you like to have a bit more control over your vaping then the ECHO Variable Voltage is ideal. The set batteries also come in a standard 650 mAh to and epic 1100 mAh capacity. This could allow a consumer hours and hours of vape time without needing to reconnect to a power supply.


There are very few cons to owning and ECHO electronic cigarette. With such a wide range of products there is very little that cannot be found when searching for and ideal combination to suit your needs.

Although from time to time people want something ECHO cannot offer. Such as temperature control and other such modification options. 

With the correct maintenance ECHO batteries are popular for their long life span and reliability. Although, with everything electronic device they can encounter problems from time to time. Read ECHO 101 for further advice.

ECHO, 101

Using ECHO products is fairly straight forward and with the user manuals it is hard to get wrong. Filling up the tanks is simple, simply tilting the device once the mouth piece has been removed and pouring in the E-liquid as directed makes for simple work. It is recommended to always have a spare battery and clearomizer or cartomizer in the event of a break down. It is also recommended to keep a spare so you can vape whilst the other battery is charging.

While charging the battery is simple in its self, it is recommended to let your battery completely drain at least once a month before recharging as this allows the battery to retain its charge better. Also we recommend not to over charge a battery, to do this, simply only charge until battery is full and then unplug it from the power source. This helps to prolong the life of the battery and ensures no long term damage is being done.

With all clearomizers it is highly recommended to clean it out with warm water once a month and in-between E-liquid flavour changes. This is so the clearomizer has a longer battery life and it also prevents any nasty tastes and harsh throat hits. To clean the clearomizer we suggest you simply run warm water through it, ensuring it is held battery side down. To dry, leave it battery side down on a lint free clothe for at least 24 hours before reusing. By following this steps you are aiding in increasing the clearomizers life span.

We urge all consumers to keep spares of every electronic cigarette part they need to continue with their vaping experience. This is for two reasons. Firstly, it is good to have one to use and one to wash/charge depending on item and secondly it’s advised to keep spares in the event of a break down. This way you are always covered and able to continue vaping if your battery comes to the end of its life or for some other reason such as accidental damage or loss.

To Conclude
ECHO products are vast in their specifications and impressive. They are tech savvy and also very appealing to new vapers and experienced vapers alike. With the wide range of options available there is little left to be desired. Paired with a gorgeous tasting UK made E-liquid they are ideal for almost anyone who wishes to make that final transition from traditional smoking. ECHO products have been an enjoyable counterpart to thousands of vapers over the past few years.


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