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How to Safeguard Your Clearomizer for an Elongated Use

Though often ignored, clearomizers are possibly one of an essential part of an e-cigarette. It is at clearomizer where the primary function takes place in an electronic cigarette, and the user gets the hit that is similar to a real cigarette.

The best fact about the e-cigarette is that it does not include the harmful effects of an actual cigarette. Most of the people do not pay attention to the quality of the clearomizers used in the e-cigs and then complain about the e-cigs not giving that smooth smoking experience.

Mentioned below are a few points to help you maintain your clearomizer; thereby have a satisfying vaping experience.

Clearomizer Usage Limit for Heavy Smokers
To experience that smooth and classic flavor out of your electronic cigarette, you are required to be familiar when the clearomizer has reached its endpoint. For heavy e-cig usage, the replacement of clearomizer is wise within every 15 days. When you get a feeling that the smoke tastes like it is burnt or the wick that is positioned at the midpoint of the tank has changed into something dark, it is time for you to change the clearomizer.

Various Clearomizers for Different E-Liquid Flavors
It is a common practice for the users of electronic cigarettes to utilize the same clearomizer for all sorts of e-liquids. This is sturdily discouraged, specifically when the same clearomizer utilized for an e-liquid that holds a different flavour destroys the taste.     
Even if you clean the tank, it is possible that the wick would have absorbed the flavour, which will apparently decay the mixture, resulting in bad vaping experience. It is thus wise to utilize a new clearomizer when you choose to change the flavoured e-liquid.

Turn Off the Battery When Not In Use
When left turned on, the e-cigarette battery burns the clearomizer pointlessly, that not just wastes the liquid but also forces for an early replacement of the clearomizer. Therefore, it is recommended to turn off the battery of the e-cig when you are not vaping it.

Final Words
The electronic cigarette these days is being utilized mainly with the intention of assisting a smoker to quit the habit of smoking with ease. Clearomizers play a significant role in the functioning of an electronic cigarette. If you are experiencing trouble with the cleamonizer of your e-cig, it would be better to change it. If you have a time crunch to go and shop for the same, you can easily get it through online stores. A few online portals are selling electronic cigarettes and related accessories, and it would be suitable to shop from them.


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