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How to Create a Mobile Friendly Website?

Build Mobile Websites

In today’s time, the increasing demand of smart phones has made mobile website development a new creative area. Now for making a website not only desktop consideration is important but the smart phone requirement is equally important.

To build mobile websites the most important consideration should be the selection of right platform. In addition to that, the website developer has to keep several things in mind so that a mobile friendly website can be developed. The different ways of creating a mobile website are further divided into three types, each of which offers an exclusive experience to the mobile user. In today’s age when online shopping is so popular people use mobile apps for buying product through different shopping portals. Let’s explore the facts about mobile website development and its different types.

  • Responsive: The first way of creating a mobile friendly web presence is by making your website responsive. It is done by the CSS that gives different rules based on the browser width. All the other aspects of a web page like the url, HTML, images remains the same.
  • Dynamic Serving: It can be done by several ways. You can create a sub domain, a sub folder or you can simply use the same domain name but with different HTML, which is called as dynamic serving.
  • Separate Site for Mobile: Otherwise, use a simpler and a better method of making a new domain for mobile. If the mobile uses different URLs then they are kept parallel with their desktop counterparts.  The idea behind this technology is smooth redirect, which is entirely based on user agent. It is very important to use bidirectional link annotations to indicate the relationship between the two URLs to the search engines. This is primary important for indexing and crawling of spider.
  • Mobil Apps: The most popular method in making a website work on your mobile effortlessly. It is basically a device specific application which is downloaded by the user. But one major drawback of this app is that your website won’t be crawled or indexed by a search engine. So, from SEO point of view this is a barrier. But otherwise for a user it brings lot of convenience and saves time too. Mobile Website Development
Keeping these configurations in mind one can build mobile websites that are not only smart phone friendly but optimized too. Choose an experienced technical support and build a highly responsive mobile website!


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